The proper ways of punishing a child

Some of the proper ways of punishing our children are

Before we discuss about how to discipline a child, let us first ask ourselves if people really understand what it means to discipline a child. There are those who confuse punishing a child and abusing a child.

What is punishing a child?

In an interview with Kigali Today, Psychologist Mukamana Adelite said that punishment is a way to tell a child that every time someone makes a mistake, it can be achieved by something that does not please him or her, such as being deprived of something he or she already likes (film, banana). Etc.).

Beating a child: Bible says it is like treating anger. “Here the mother thinks that the child has hurt her and then she also takes revenge on her and no one should take revenge on the child,” she said. He goes on to say that the Rwandan proverb makes it clear that ‘a stick that breaks a bone does not break a habit’, that beating a child is not right.

“For those who say a beating a child is needed, the bad thing is that has no boundaries (doesn’t have you have a limit), which is where you can end up abusing a child,” she said.

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Mukamana says punishment comes when a child is goes astray or does something wrong.

The parent first wonders what the child has done, what has caused the parent to think that the child has not done it right? Then he gets to tell her how she should do it through the conversation.

How old a child must be for discipline discussion

Mukamana said that every child is allowed in discussion in the form of punishment. The older a child gets, the more conversational you get.”

What does Rwandan law say about beating and abusing a child?

Law n ° 71/2018 of 31/08/2018 on the protection of the child in Article 28 states that without prejudice to the more severe penalties provided by other laws, anyone who forcibly or childlessly inflicts severe or invalid punishment physically, he commits a sin.

If convicted by a court, he shall be sentenced to imprisonment not less than two (2) years but not more than three (3) years and a fine of not less than two hundred thousand (200,000 FRW) but not more than three hundred thousand (300,000 FRW).

Without prejudice to the more severe penalties provided for by other laws, when the offense referred to in the first paragraph of this article involves a child with a disability, the sentence shall be imprisonment not less than seven (7) years but not exceeding ten (10) years, and a fine of Rwandan francs are not less than one million (1,000,000 FRW) but not more than two million (2,000,000 FRW), if the crime results in the death of the child, the penalty is life imprisonment.

Source: Kigali Today




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