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In Rwanda, the agriculture sector largely consists of an ageing population averaging 55 years. Thus, innovation, creativity and technology adaptation as well as skills transfer has been slow, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI).

Rwandan youth engagement in Agriculture is playing an essential great part in Solutions to ending Hunger and Poverty in Rwanda through creativity, innovation, and raising agriculture awareness.

The following are some of the organizations and associations of youths engaged in developing agriculture sector:


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AGRIRESEARCH, a youth National Non-Governmental Organization has 26 founder members with professional background in agriculture. AGRIRESEARCH initiated in 2018 and started operating professionally in 2020. Initially, It started as a club in University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) fostering research culture in youth and popularizing agriculture through community outreach programs by interacting with farmers around the campus.

 Agriresearch has vision of making Rwanda’s agriculture less-climate sensitive, environmental-friendly and leading economic sector.


Agriresearch in extension services

Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN)

Youth Engagement in Agriculture Network (YEAN) is a network that spreads agriculture information and facts to the community especially to young people to lead in transforming traditional subsistence agriculture into agribusiness.

YEAN has a vision of transforming traditional subsistence agriculture into agribusiness through youth innovations as skilled and powerful weapon for leading the change toward sustainable livelihood


The Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF)

Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) is a platform established to bring together different youth organizations, individual youth farmers and entrepreneurs in Agriculture Sector working in one or many of the following sub-sectors: crop production, livestock, agro-processing, inputs and other Agro-services (extension, marketing, food packaging, farm mechanization, seed multiplication etc.) as well as ICT for Agriculture in Rwanda. The platform aims to change the old mind-set among the youth vis-à-vis the agricultural sector in Rwanda, while orienting youth to reach out to other farming groups to raise awareness on the practice of business oriented agriculture.

RYAF exist to:

– To facilitate youth in agribusiness to change their mind-set

– To promote, inform, advocate and mobilize Rwandan youth to engage in agribusiness

– Technical and financial support and linkages to youth with stakeholders’ coordination.

 Youth in Agro-ecology and Business Learning Track Africa (YALTA)

Youth in Agro-ecology and Business Learning Track Africa (YALTA) is an initiative with the goal to support young agripreneurs to apply agro-ecological principles and to co-create networks in order to contribute to increased sustainability of food systems and youth employment in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.


UMUJYOJYO INVESTMENT GROUP PLC, a 300,000,000 Rwf social capital business company established in May  2019  with over 950 young professionals possessing sound experience and expertise in Agriculture, animal resources, environment, rural development, agribusiness, and other related fields to significantly contribute to agricultural transformation, climate change adaptation, promote food security and sustainable livelihood within the PST4 framework.

 Their objectives are to:

Ø  Promote agriculture transformation and sustainability using the investor mindset approach

Ø  Drive agricultural and environmental change to improve the lives of the farming communities.

Ø  Attain profitable growth through investing in agriculture innovations and quality services.

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