Reasons why school remote teaching and learning is a big deal

Grow mentally with technology.

There are many reasons why school remote learning is a big deal for students, teachers and all stakeholders. Educational technology helps in web based learning as a subset of e-learning and learning, mainly using browser such as chrome, Firefox, internet explorer.

We are living in a constantly evolving digital world. ICT has an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives – from working to socializing, learning to playing. The digital age has transformed the way young people communicate, network, seek help, access information and learn. We must recognize that young people are now an online population and access is through a variety of means such as computers, TV and mobile phones.

Introduction of Technology in Education enhanced the role of students and teachers

As technology becomes more and more embedded in our culture, we must provide our learners with relevant and contemporary experiences that allow them to successfully engage with technology and prepare them for life after school.

Nowadays, we know that learners are engaged purposefully with motivation in the learning process when concepts and skills are underpinned with technology and sound pedagogy. Different countries should provide resources for practitioners, parents and pupils to engage with these technologies in order to inform and enhance the learning experience

Understanding ICT in teaching

ICT in assessment

Word processing allows engagement and movement of words around without having to endlessly re-write whole sentences on paper. The teacher composes a long, badly worded sentence which she will give all the students on their computers and ask them to see how many different improved versions they can produce within five minutes. So, it can be used in assessment.


Using the word processing application, the teacher displays on the interactive whiteboard some examples of poor writing. She demonstrates how, with a few changes in the choice of words and the word order, sentences can be made simpler and clearer.

Information Communication Technology

Initially, the teacher uses a word processing application on the interactive whiteboard while conducting a discussion with the class. In the next lesson, each student uses a laptop computer. Since the laptops and the teacher’s computer are networked, the teacher can easily display on the interactive whiteboard interesting examples of re-worded sentences which the students have been able to devise in the five-minute test. The whole class can then discuss and evaluate different wordings.

Organization and administration

The teacher uses the computer laptops to help students carry out word processing on their own. Using the school computers, the teachers record their students’ grades on central file which other teachers and school administration can also access.

Teacher professional learning

The teacher searches various websites for mother-tongue teachers to find teaching resources on writing skills, including exercises and writing assignments, stimulus material and ideas for lessons.




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