How to listen to your girlfriend calls

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As usual technology is very important these days in various activities day to day, economic, social, medical, political and everything else that uses technology to make it work better.

The phone is one of the most widely used electronic devices in the world and many people are wondering if it is possible that as you call someone else and talk to them there is a way to listen to two people who would talk to you on your phone, today we have collected the numbers you can click on your phone to be able to listen.

You may just be wondering if you can really listen to someone who is talking to you but that’s what we want to explain in this way.

Usually, the phone works in a variety of ways and some of the phones depending on the way they work tend to allow a person to dial certain numbers and have access to his or her unique phone information.

So these codes we are going to show you are usually the way it works when you click on it on your phone and you can authenticate it to your phone sim card and a certain number of people, it can open its human network so that it can control it on your phone when they call and miss it, which is talking on its phone.

Just because phones are made and have different capabilities, the Wakanda code can change depending on the phone, especially the ones we’re going to show you, which often work on phones that we know by the name of androids, but even higher-end phones like iPhones and others also work that won’t work.

When you compare the various questions that most phone users ask daily, the question about listening their friend’s call including their girlfriend’s calls come to the first position. In this post we shall be discussing about different ways they mostly like to say that you can use them to listen to your girlfriend’s call and how each of these step is being used.

  1. (*21 Phone number#)

This code is used when you want someone to call you and they will miss you, whether to talk about it or not to have someone call your phone and it will automatically go to your home.

2. *61*……….#

These numbers are used when you want someone to call you and connect to the caller’s network and come to your home immediately.

3. *62*………#

These numbers are used when you want them to call you and they can’t answer the phone.

4. *67*………#

This method is used when a person can call without seeing him or her because it is an unacceptable location for his or her phone so his or her phone is not able to receive the caller’s phone and then chooses to be the one to answer.

How to turn off everything on your phone to stop someone who is listening you:

So there are some numbers when you click and open all of these methods you may have even clicked on it without knowing it and you would find that there are people who go and call or see you get a phone call you don’t know and they tell you that the number is wrong.

  • *21*………#  To stop this press #21#
  • *61*……..# To stop this press #61#
  • *62#……….# To stop this press #62#
  • *67*………# To stop this press   #67#
  • You want to delete everything from your phone without clicking on any of these codes

    Effects and benefits

    This approach is especially useful for business people who are a large group when they need to be in the absence of one to answer the phone and the other to answer.




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