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In this day and age, nearly each and every individual who is mature enough to possess a cell phone is either current or standard, yet you may find that there are numerous things you don’t realize that your telephone can do utilizing codes, for example a progression of codes and ‘a specific number of snaps gives a functioning activity.

Here is a list of 12 codes that you may not be aware of on your phone:

1) * # 06 #

 This is a code known as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) that helps you identify your phone number when it is stolen. You can also go to the company’s website that gives you a link and asks them to close it so that the thief can’t use it.

2)* # * # 4636 # * # *

It is a code that gives you access to how your phone uses a variety of features including Wi-Fi that allows you to access nearby internet lines, you can get information about your phone, see how it is they are not stationary, and your phone is generally running a CPU (Central Processing Unit).

This code is also very important for people who use old phones because it opens a secret menu that gives you information about the phone (secret menu).

3) * 33 * #:

This code only works with iPhones (phone type), which helps you avoid people who may want to call your phone without your permission. The advantage of this code is that you can remove it and also enter another code: # 33 * PIN # (PIN: SECRET).

4)* # 30 #

This code only works with iPhones, when you want to call someone but don’t get your number. Remove it and rewrite that code.

5) * # * # 7780 # * # *

This is the code that is used when you need to remove all the applications you have installed with Google, and re-add the ones you want.

6) * 2762 *

3855 #: You only use this code when you want to reset your phone as it came from the factory (reset), which many often call formatting. You also do this knowing full well that there is no going back because you want to re-install applications.

Then when you have what you need (numbers, photos, songs, videos …), you want to figure out how to move it or remember to do a so-called backup to google by going to settings.

Before using the 4th and 5th codes, keep in mind that as soon as you click on them they immediately start deleting everything as soon as you touch the last sign because they don’t wait for you to click on the designated area. The 5th one specifically works only with Android phones.

7) * 3370 #

This only works with iPhones, which open the so-called (EFR Coding), a method that helps you capture a powerful line when you call your partner. The code, however, consumes power quickly and the phone will turn off unexpectedly. But you can also quickly remove it when you see that the power is on, otherwise press this: * 3370 #, the battery will stop charging quickly.

8) * 43 #

This also works only with iPhones, which helps one know that someone is calling him or her while he or she is on vacation and he or she has placed it in such a way that the callers feel as if they are answering another phone. This is especially true of a person who is often tired or tired of answering the phone and receiving a text message to the point of failure.

He can respond immediately if necessary, and when he feels he has already rested he can remove the code using this: # 43 #

9) # 0011 #

This code only works with SAMSUNG phones, which gives you an instant access to everything on your phone (Quick service menu).

10) * 3001 # 12345 # *

This code also works only with iPhones, which helps one see the power of the signal (signal) it is using. So what happens:

Type in the number you need to call, type in the code: * 3001 # 12345 # * otherwise press the call button on the phone and leave your finger on it until there is a signal to turn off the phone, then release it and click on the destination button on your iPhone (home)

You will immediately see in the left corner where the signal strength is displayed, and you will see a number indicating the level of your signal. When you have – 140, then your signal is very low, while enough is – 40. To remove the code, it is to re-type it (* 3001 # 12345 # *) and click on the destination button on the iPhone.

11) * # 21 #

Sometimes a person feels tired and doesn’t want to have a phone answering or has other things he wants to fix without anyone bothering him. You do nothing but click on the code, and then for those who have an iPhone it immediately puts it in what is called voicemail or a way to send callers to where they can tell you what they want and come to your senses. To remove that code is to rewrite it.

As for those who don’t have an iPhone, this code (* # 21 #) does nothing but convince your callers that you haven’t been able to find it, and then click on it: # 002 #

12) # 31 #

This code works with Android and iPhones but here in Rwanda it does not work as before due to telecom companies that have stopped it. It is a code that usually allows you to call someone without getting your number even if they already have it.

The code may have been blocked for customer safety reasons, and you may be wondering if it is difficult for someone to call you and not get your number, except that even on someone else’s call it may result in a missed call and yet the caller needs you.

Note: There are many other codes that do not work in Rwanda and yet are useful, but they may be due to the fact that the telecommunications companies have removed them for some reason.

Here are some other useful features for your phone

1. To quickly insert a power into your phone without extinguishing it, click on the airplane icon at the top, elsewhere point your finger down to see the various things you need including: increasing / decreasing light, using bundles (internet), etc. .

2. If you don’t want to run out of power quickly on the phone, reduce its light going upwards, or add a dark wallpaper / screen lock because when it has a lot of color and there is light, it makes the power go out quickly.


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