Coping with OCD learners.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder at schools

The learners with the obsessive-compulsive disorder do unusual behaviour like asking the same questions and moving out of the class over and over again. You may find the students who read the same paper and check the accuracy of handwriting repeatedly. Eventually, a student with this obsessive-compulsive disorder tends to be late at school due to spending much of their time performing rituals. It becomes hard for them to choose the clothes to wear, they wash face, arms or hands many times having feelings of what they have done before is not enough.

Some difficulties accompany the learner with such problem, include being unable to complete the exam preparation, to re-read the content to understand the meaning and difficult rote memorization.

The obsessed learner will need to accurate the handwriting which causes them to erase and rewrite until it feels right. Unfortunately, they submit assignments late because of much time spent while re-reading the sources.

School support to the learners with OCD
In the Sustainable Development Goals number 4 (SDG4) the world’s target is to meet the quality, inclusive and equitable education. Those students with OCD are included in schools. So, all educational stakeholders are supposed to be equipped with all the necessary skills to support those students having the OCD.

The following are direct points that parents, students and school administration have to adapt while addressing and coping with OCD students at schools.

Domains + Hosting + Security

.The parents and teachers should be aware of this disorder.

.They should also demonstrate knowledge about OCD symptomology and its effects on school functioning

.Teachers and parents should maintain a home-school communication system and involve parents as appropriate;

.Teachers should collaborate with mental health professionals and adapting individualization in the teaching and learning process.

.Teachers should give some more time to the students with OCD to complete the assignment or works.

.Besides, both school and home have not to stigmatize the children with OCD because it delays their academic and life development

· Abnormalities in one’s body’s natural chemistry and brain functions.

· Hereditary factors and genetic components, though genes have not yet specifically identified.

· Compulsions are learned behaviours, which become repetitive and habitual when they are associated with relief from anxiety.

· Distorted beliefs reinforce and maintain symptoms associated with OCD

Treatment for OCD
· Cognitive behaviour therapy teaches children with OCD that they can learn they are in charge, not OCD. They face their fears slowly in small steps, learning that their fears do not come true. Children learn to get used to the scary feeling, just like they might get used to cold water in the swimming pool (Indiana School of Medicine, 2017)

· Anxiety management techniques for OCD helps a person to manage their symptoms. Include regular relaxation training, slow breathing techniques, mindfulness meditation, and hyperventilation control.

· OCD support groups and education, allow people and their families to meet in comfort, safety environment and then give them support. The groups also provide the opportunity to learn more about the disorder and to develop social networks.

· Medication for OCD. Medications such as antidepressants that affect the serotonin system and target the brain structures have been found to reduce the symptoms of OCD. Note that, this medication can only be prescribed by a Medical Doctor.

Research has shown that children with rheumatic fever who develop Sydenham’s chorea are at higher risk of OCD. So, early treatment with antibiotics may reduce the chances of future obsessive thinking. (Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, 2017)

· Exposure and response prevention (ERP); is specifically designed for OCD. It encourages you to confront your obsessions and resist the urge to carry out compulsions (mind for better mental health, 2019).

· Hospitalization for OCD




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