5 Signs That A Girl Likes You While Trying To Hide

While dating you may think that that women are enigmatic and challenging to comprehend. We communicate in code, making it difficult to determine whether we say or mean what we say.

In reality, some women do play games, and we tend to blame this on our gender rather than on our own emotional or interpersonal immaturity.

A mature, healthy spouse doesn’t engage in games.

Even when we try to play it cool, we’re usually not all that subtly when we like someone.

Men, gender-neutral, or gender-bisexual people, and women are not entirely distinct species.

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The more emotionally intelligent and self-aware we get, the easier it is to recognize when someone is interested in us as well as how interested they are not at all.

According to research, romantic love includes three essential components: lust, attraction, and attachment.

You have cause to believe that she likes you if you can interpret her body language and see signals of all three.

Below Are The Signs That Girl likes You While Not Showing

She makes eye contact with you

The way a female initiates eye contact with you is one of the most obvious indications that she likes you but is trying to hide it.

An agreed-upon amount of eye contact is only customary and polite and has little to no significance.

If she keeps looking at you from across the room or keeps making eye contact, it can be a sign that she likes you but is attempting to hide it.

Do you notice how thoroughly she examines you?

She must be at least attracted, but is she interested? That’s a very huge signal.

 She tags you in posts

Someone who mentions you in social media posts isn’t attempting to conceal their relationship with you.

In fact, if she keeps tagging you in posts, she’s probably expressing love in a very specific way today.

Although I’m not sure if it will be included in the list of common love languages, it exists.

She has kept you in mind each time she has tagged someone. Perhaps it’s a sign that she likes you.

Simply determine whether she views you as a friend who treats all of her friends similarly, or whether she views you in a platonic yet wholly amorous manner.

She laughs at all your jokes

You might be so humorous that you don’t realize this is a clue. Even if you think you’re hilarious, pay attention to the jokes that make her laugh. Not everyone is as funny as they think they are. Are they all included? Maybe she’s into you.

No offense intended, but if your silliest jokes are making someone laugh, either the jokes have gotten so bad that they are truly hilarious, or the person laughing simply likes you too much to be anything other than amused.

Up until the last time I fell in love, I detested dad jokes.

Then, they began to make me chuckle — not because they had become funnier but rather because I cherished how much he enjoyed them.

 She chooses to sit near you

She clearly likes you if she has the option to sit anywhere but prefers to sit next to you.

The other possibilities, though, might have been less appealing for an unidentified cause. Let’s approach this issue logically.

How near to you did she sit?
Do you have any contact?
Is the touching deliberate or just a result of the little space in the room you’re in?
Her body may be pointing either in your direction or away.
These inquiries will help you determine whether she sat next to you because you smell good and someone else had body odor, or if she likes you but isn’t yet brave enough to express it overtly.

 She smiles when she sees you

The Duchenne smile—that sincere smile she can hardly contain—is one of the key indicators that a female likes you but is trying to hide her feelings for you.

She becomes animated when she notices you entering a space. She has a smile that lights up her eyes and extends all the way up to them.

She may smile at you like that, but even if she looks away right away, you’ve already seen her actual emotions.

But please note: Not all smiles are created equal. A narrow, tight smile could suggest discomfort rather than interest.

She might be attempting to be kind, but if her grin doesn’t quite reach her eyes, it might be a sign that she isn’t genuinely interested.





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