310 Teaching Positions at Inspire, Educate and Empower Rwanda (IEE) (Deadline: 19 August 2021)

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We are Inspire, Educate and Empower Rwanda (IEE)

We are recruiting talented high school leavers to be Teaching Assistants at schools in their sectors!!

Job Vacancy: Teaching Assistant

Available vacancies: STEM (152 Females, 65 Males), Humanities (65 Females, 28 Males) from all districts across Rwanda.

Technically supported by: Teaching Assistantship Mentor

Domains + Hosting + Security

Opening date: August 5, 2021

Closing date: August 19, 2021

  • Are you an excellent female or male high school leaver in your transitional year to tertiary education?
  • Do your high school performance records indicate a minimum of 50 aggregates?
  • Do you have a passion for Education as career?
  • Are you interested in pursuing Education at tertiary level?
  • Have you selected Education as a choice of study for your tertiary education studies?
  • Do you love learning and exploration in the knowledge realm, with enthusiasm for sustained skill development?
  • Do you have a clear purpose for your career aspirations, high expectations for yourself and for others, inspiring confidence in them?
  • Are you creative, imaginative, flexible, energetic, patient, and adaptable? Do you have evidence of ability to “shift-gears” to include everyone in an activity, influencing them in the spirit of teamwork; the ability to create a sense of community and belonging in a context?
  • Are you self-disciplined with evidence of responsibility, time management, planning, prioritization, and organization?
  • Do you have respect for yourself and for others, with evidence of warm, accessible, enthusiasm and care for others?
  • Do you consciously care for your body, adjusting personal choices such as dress, to contexts appropriately?
  • Do you have the ability to manage ambiguity, with analytical, resiliency and problem-solving skills and to cope with setbacks?
  • Do you have effective communication skills in Kinyarwanda, English and French?

If you said “YES” to most of these questions, then you are the person we are looking for, to be part of our Second Cohort of Teaching Assistants!

Who we are

Inspire, Educate and Empower Rwanda (IEE) is a Rwandan local Education Not-For-Profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Since 2005, in collaboration with partners, IEE complements efforts of the Ministry of Education/ Rwanda Basic Education Board, supporting education implementation for quality learning outcomes. IEE designs and delivers innovative programmes to address challenges to provision of quality education. IEE programmes range from: teacher development training and technical assistance, teaching and learning, curriculum and material development, research and evaluation, education policies and systems reform.

In the context of the Mastercard Foundation- funded Leaders in Teaching (LIT) initiative, IEE is implementing the Teaching Assistantships Project (TAP) under the LIT “Recruit” pillar. TAP is aimed at supporting Rwanda with skill-nurturing for passionate young people, with an interest in education, attracting them to join the teaching profession, and support education.  Through capacity building and exposure to teaching through teaching assistantships, a young, skilled teaching force will be nurtured to contribute to Ministry of Education priorities in the current Education Sector Strategic Plan (2018/19- 2014/25).

How we shall engage you

We shall recruit you, train you and deploy you to a school in your sector, near your home, where you will work with the support of a mentor and professional teachers for 9 months to support teaching as an assistant teacher. You will be engaged in a range of teaching activities for science or arts subjects, including lesson preparation and delivery, and support for learners’ remedial learning. This will be an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and inspire students as their role model.

This is a life-changing opportunity!

What you will benefit

You will have opportunities for training in a range of areas including English language for teaching, planning for teaching and teaching methodology, study strategies and personal development, gender awareness and gender responsive pedagogy, and inclusive education.

You will also have opportunities to share your knowledge with others, in the comfort of your neighbourhood as you develop your skills while continuing to stay with your family. You will have a rare opportunity of interacting with your teacher role models and understand how they do their work. By the end of the nine months of teaching assistantships, you will have gained skills, values and attitudes to enable you to become the best you can be, as a professional and leader to contribute to and support quality learning for Rwandan social and economic transformation.

During your deployment, you will be facilitated monthly from your home to the school where you will be the assistant teacher, a laptop with content to support your Teaching Assistantship, career and personal development, and at the end of your Teaching Assistantship opportunity, you will receive a start-up package for tertiary studies!

Equally exciting, you will be added into the Teaching Assistant alumni community where you will connect with other talented young people with a platform for fraternity and solidarity to support Education.

If you are ready for this life-changing opportunity, please send your application letter including your address: district and sector, names and contacts of your Head Teacher and Director of Studies, and copies of high school documents indicating a minimum of 50 aggregates, to The Country Director, Inspire Educate and Empower Rwanda (IEE) at iee.job.hr@gmail.com before August 19, 2021.

 Important Note: Please ONLY write Teaching Assistant as the subject of your application email. Failure to observe this instruction will lead to disqualification.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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